Is it time you consider a HUD home?

Hud Homes - Downtown Orlando Real Estate

Hud Homes - Downtown Orlando Real Estate

Is it time you consider a HUD home?

Because of the ‘myths’ surrounding HUD homes, many buyers don’t. With the right information and guidance of a HUD registered Broker, this is another great option for you in your search for your perfect place.  If your Agent/Broker isn’t including HUD home options in their search for you, then you might be missing out!

What is a HUD home?

A one to four unit single family residence acquired as a result of a foreclosure on an FHA-insured mortgage.

They vary in price, style, location and condition.  Some are move in ready, others are not.

They are offered for sale at fair market value, based on recent FHA appraisal.  (yes, appraisal already completed!)

Sold AS IS.

Deposit amounts?  Down Payment? Closing Costs?

For homes $49K and under: $500 deposit required

For homes $50K and up: $1000 deposit required

For homes that meet FHA requirements, down payments can be as little as 3%.

HUD will allow up to 3% of the purchase price to go toward your closing costs.

HUD pays the broker commission.  You get representation at no cost to you.

Sample: Central FL ranch style home

To learn more: or visit the search homes page of our website and complete the inquiry form provided.