Orlando Florida builders get back to business: building new homes!

Builders jumpstart rebirth in communities that 'stalled' during recession

Builders jumpstart rebirth in communities that 'stalled' during recession

Can a community be ‘born again?’…you bet!

During the height of the building boom, Americana-themed Independence was one of those places destined for greatness and brisk sales.  Like many other Orlando-central Florida communities, unfortunately their timing was off, as the real estate collapse took its toll on what been expected to be a quick sellout for this hot property and location, near Windermere.

However, today, the story is different as this community has come back to life, with new homes, new builders and steady sales.  Investment companies and builders have been buying up home-sites and building new homes in unfinished new home communities across Orlando-central Florida.

Distressed home-sites selling at a fraction of their original prices (and when bought in bulk, discounts can be even greater) allowing builders to pass the savings on to today’s new home buyers.

When builders are building again, it’s a sign of confidence, that the market is stabilizing, and anticipation of future demand.

The trend of reviving stalled communities goes well beyond Independence. Current residents are excited to see new activity.  They see homes going up, cars in driveways, kids playing in the front yard… a true sense of community, that they wanted all along, finally coming to fruition.  Residents know that a stagnant community doesn’t help home values.  Plus new residents pump money into the HOA, which helps maintain the integrity of the lifestyle promised to the residents there.

At Independence the company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in a fitness center, cleaning up common areas, landscaping, making entrances welcoming again and even cleaning up the lawns of foreclosure homes.  There are now five active builders in Independence, other improvements planned as well as full time on-site property manager.

For the first time in a long time, there is genuine enthusiasm among industry pro’s.  Including this eXp Team!

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